Aquatherm Announces New Distributor in Atlantic Canada

Northeast Equipment Ltd, which has locations in Dartmouth and Halifax Nova Scotia as well as in St. John, New Brunswick, became an Aquatherm distributor in October 2012. Northeast Equipment Limited was eImagestablished in 1962 to serve the Maritime Provinces, thus celebrating 50 years in business. Northeast Equipment strives to provide customers with excellent products at reasonable prices with premium customer service throughout the Atlantic provinces. They now have the three locations to better serve their customers.

The philosophy of Northeast Equipment is customer centered. Regardless of the area in which they work, they feel that their efforts must ultimately be focused on the customer. Within this model of customer service, each of their employees has specific duties and responsibilities that contribute to the overall satisfaction of their customers and the performance of Northeast Equipment.

Aquatherm has been a great addition to our existing product line,” says Bruce Kennedy, General Manager of Northeast Equipment. “Although Northeast Equipment Ltd is a full-line plumbing & heating wholesaler, we have always been known as the plastic piping specialists in Atlantic Canada. We have been involved in the industrial plastic piping business since 1962. The first time I saw the Aquatherm product about 5 years ago, I knew that this is a product we should be selling. It opens some new markets to us particularly where some other industrial plastic products have limitations such as compressed air, food processing, etc.”